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Many kinds of batteries are useful for the rc hobbyist. Lipo's (lithium polymer) batteries currently offer the best power to weight ratio but require special charging attention. Nicad's (nickel metal cadmium) packs are rarely used these days due to the heavy weight, low power density and environmental issues on disposal. NiMh's are still used but are becoming less frequent (nickel metal hydride). They are more green for the environment but lack the power density that lipo's or li-ion can provide. LiFePo4 batteries or LFP batteries (Lithium Ferrophosphate) is another popular rechargeable battery that are inherently safer but have lower energy density but longer lifetimes and better power density.

There are voltage differences to be aware of as the lithium polymer packs run around 7.2V while the nimh and nicad packs are 4.8V. Some receivers and servers are ok with the higher voltage that the lipo packs provide but please check manufacturer specs for all rc battery packs

Here is a typical lipo pack with charging red rc outpout leads. 

LiPo Battery Pack

More to come...